Patmos Island Transport

How to get around Patmos Island with Local Transport and rent vehicles

Patmos is a small island with rugged terrain. It has a fairly good road network that allows you to navigate with ease in most interesting sites and beaches. In Patmos island you can scroll with the local bus, taxis and private transfers, but also by renting a car, a motorcycle or a quad bike.

Patmos Island Transport

Get Around Patmos Island

Patmos Island Local Buses

There are daily local bus routes on Patmos Island. The bus connects the areas of Skala – Apokalipsis Cave – Chora – Grikos –Kambos. You can more

Patmos Island Taxi Transfers

There are taxis that you can use to travel around Patmos Island. There is even an organised radio taxi service. So you can call a more

Patmos Island Car Rentals

On Patmos Island it is easy to find a car to rent as there are several Car Rental Companies. It may be difficult to find a car in August, so be sure to make your car reservation early and not at the last more

Patmos Island Car Rentals - Christina Gianarou

We offer Car Rentals on Patmos Island at the best prices. Our cars are new, safe and reliable and are covered by simple or C.D.W. (mixed) insurance. Our car fleet is comprised of HYUNDAY i10 and i30 HYUNDAY. Contact us for special more